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Distance learning, e-learning and online education is rapidly becoming the way of the future since they free you and your child to learn from your own home or wherever you are, under your direct supervision.

Many professional educators have deep reservations about the compulsory education system that developed during the Industrial Revolution under the specific historical situation of the Western world. Such professionals have found that, with guidance, parents can teach their children better, faster and with more care than schools can. As a result "homeschooling" is rapidly developing as a "thinking parents' alternative" to compulsory schooling. Gradually, it is gaining recognition in standard academic circles so that now many colleges accept homeschoolers. Read More


Course Image Islamic Studies
Grade One
Grade One Islamic studies will cover five main units: Aqeedah and Fiqh,  Read more

Grade Two
Grade Two students will study a course comprising of the five units:  Read more

Grade Five

The students will learn a course comprising of six units - Aqeedah, ... Read more
Course Image Arabic Studies
Grade One
In Grade One students will be using the Logati curriculum text  books...  Read more

Grade Two
Second Grade students will continue to work with the Logati text book. Read more

Grade Five

After completing a series of academic books, YMOH students ...  Read more
Course Image Quran with Tajweed
Grade One
Grade One students will learn to read Quranic text with the correct ...  Read more

Grade Two
Grade Two students will learn letters of al ghunnah, types of idghaam, Read more
Course Image English LA

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Course Image Math

Grade Two
In grade two, Math lessons will help the students to understand math...  Read more

Grade Five
YMOH mathematics program aims to incorporate unrivaled inquiry–... Read more

Course Image Science

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Course Image Social Studies
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Course Image Gr1 Islamic Studies

Grade One - Islamic studies


Grade One Islamic studies will cover five main units: Aqeedah and Fiqh, Seerah and Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), Tafsir, Islamic Morals and Etiquettes and Tajweed.

·  Aqeedah (Creed): Students will be introduced to the basics of Tawheed: God’s Oneness (Who is your Lord? What is your religion and Who is your Prophet?) and will be introduced to Asma wa al Husna - most beautiful names and attributes of Allah, Al Khaliq, Al Razaaq and al Musawwir

· Fiqh: Students will learn to prepare for Wudhu (or taharah and
cleanliness) and will study basic attributes of Salah (Sifat As Salaah).


The Five Pillars in Islam


· Seerah: Students will be introduced to the Seerah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) from the short surahs.

They will also study the biographies of some of the early reverts to islam: Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid r.a., Salman Al Farisi, Bilal ibn Rabah, Suhayb Ar Roumi, Al Bara ibn Marrour, Mus’ab ibn ‘Umayr, Khabbab ibn Al Arat, Al Miqdad ibn ‘Amrou, (r.a).

· Character Education: Adab is integrated into the entire program and students will study the Sunnah of the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) starting with Ikhlas, good intention, saying Bismillah, praising Allah and memorizing a list of supplications each year (Quran with tajweed program).

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There are a number of ways to instill love of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in the hearts of our children, such as:
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Islamic Education in the West
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Praise be to Allaah.

In order to preserve the structure of the Muslim family in the non-Muslim countries, we need to meet a number of conditions and requirements, both within the home and outside it:

Within the home:

It is essential for parents to uphold the habit of praying regularly in the mosque ...

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