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How to Apply

Please complete the Student Registration Form after reading and agreeing on the general Rules & Regulations for student registration for online homeschooling.

The Student Registration Form should be completed by the Parent who undertakes to provide accurate information with all relevant documentation in order to be accepted into the programme. Inaccurate information will result in clear dismissal of the application.

Please also note that the Student Registration Form is only valid for one child, therefore, if you have more than one child, each one of them will require an independent form to be submitted for approval. However, two children from the same family can use either one of the two login acceses they are provided through Admin.

The information submitted in the Student Registration Form will enable us to maintain an accurate record of the child’s school enrollment and evaluate the child’s ongoing performance.

Our aim is to have minimum 15 students in each class and the first year will start with Grade 1. Therefore, the screening process will be tightened to ensure that we recruit the most deserving students through a panel of teachers , administrators and counselors.

We aim to grow the number of students each year as our existing students will move to a higher level each year.

All information provided will be treated with strictest confidence.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Was Salaam