Rules and Regulations for Students

- Each student must have a computer. Two children of the same parents may share a single computer provided that they use a headset when they are given microphone access to participate. Should the student fail to comply with the wiziq requirement after admission is granted, the administration will have the right to remove him after two remainders.

- Students must have a headset and a microphone to listen and speak.

- A webcam is allowed but not required. However, the webcam will be required for end of term examinations.

- First Grade students must have knowledge of spoken English.

- There will be a five minute grace period, and all students must arrive in the WiZiQ classroom five minutes before the teacher begins the class.

- Students attendance will be monitored and two written warnings will be issues for parents to correct the situation before suspending or removing the class.  

- Once a lesson starts, students are not allowedwrite any kind of public or private messages in the chat box. Especially, the may not: 
- Use face smilies and other un-Islamic signs and abbreviations.
- Chat when the lesson is in progress.
-Distribute or provide references to external Islamic or non-Islamic contacts, 
e-books, websites or others information.  

- When a student has a question he/she should use the icon to raise his/her hand and he/she must not interrupt the class.

- Students will be required to take notes during the class. (grades 3 and above)

- Students should ask their questions at the end of every class. (grades 3 and above)

- A student who is unable to ask a question at the end of class, or one whose question is missed or is not answered by the teacher, should ask his/her question by writing to the teacher on the same day with the subject title. He should clear all such questions before the beginning of the next lesson.

- A two hour session will include a ten minute break for questions and answers between the two halfs of the session.

- No student should leave the class during the lesson. If a student must leave the lesson for some reason, he/she must let the administrator know and he/she must provide a valid reason for having done so.

- Students must be attentive in class. A student will benefit both from listening carefully to the teacher and to fellow students. An attentive student will learn even from the mistakes that a fellow student makes! Indeed, simply learning to listen carefully is a priceless ability.

- Students must remain in class until the end of the session.

-Students must complete all homework and assignments within deadlines.

- Students/parents are strictly forbidden to forward, copy, print or give out ANY resources from any class without prior permission from the Teacher or the Administrator of the program.

- Students may NOT give out their username or password to anyone else.

Last modified: Friday, 17 June 2016, 4:01 AM