By enrolling on our online Homeschool program, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following:

Targheeb’s Young Momins Online Homeschool, caters to educate children who devote the early years of their life to Qura’anic studies and don’t benefit from regular elementary education.

Attendance and Completing the Course: Our courses are conducted live online in WiZiQ virtual classrooms. Therefore, students must maintain at least a 95% attendance. Parent’s must ensure that the child maintain the required attendance in order to continue his studies. This means that poor attendance would result in removal of access to the class.

Sharing YMOH Resources with Others: All study materials, resources and sample tests supplied or conducted by YMOH are based on the curriculum offered, and they remain the sole property of Targheeb.com. In general, parents should not release any information regarding our students, teachers other than what is already available in the public area of our website. We do allow you to share our online resources with others for non-commercial purposes, but only after you ask us for our permission before doing so.

All third party resources used for teaching e.g. Ad Dhuha org will be subject to their copyright terms and conditions. While we work hard to ensure that all YMOH material meets the highest educational and Islamic standards, we do not take any responsibility for the quality of third party materials.

Internet Usage:
The Internet provides your children with access to thousands of resources -- some educational, some entertaining, and some with content inappropriate for children. YMOH insists that you take time to monitor your children's use of the Internet by visiting sites with them, playing games with them, and more importantly setting firm guidelines about which types of sites they are allowed to visit.

We know you can't be with your children constantly while they are online. However, if you take the time to instruct them before they're allowed to use the computer, you may keep them from being exposed to inappropriate adult-focused content.

YMOH would provide a wealth of resources that are safe, fun, and educational for your children. You can expect them to find reliable information specific to their lessons. 

We strictly prohibit authorized users, parents or children to release their user name, password, forward/share emails or recording of the classroom activities and the likes to any individual, organisation or group, without informing the Administrator in advance.

Should you require further clarification of any of the above, please contact us at



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