Grade Two – Islamic Studies

Grade Two students will study a course comprising of the five units: Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah, Hadith, Islamic Morals and Etiquettes.

In Semester 1 students will review topics covered in Grade One: Istinjaa and Istijmaar, Procedure of Wudoo, Nullifiers of Wudoo, The Opening Duaa of Salaah, The Three Fundamental Principles, and Five Pillars of Islam.

In Semester 2, they would cover the Five Pillars of Iman, Ranks of Deen,  The essence of Ihsan is knowing the Prophet (upon him be peace), Belief in Resurrection, The Prescribed prayers, Description of  Prayer, Tashahhud, and The Nullifiers of Prayer.

Sahabah Series: In this series students will study about the ten Companions who wrote down the Quran.

Hadith: In Grade Two, students will learn the meaning and benefits of a selected group of  hadith, in English with Arabic text with their authentic references, briefly learn about biography of the narrator of the hadith, the meaning and an explanation of the Arabic terms in order to apply their values in their daily lives.


Character Education: Adab is integrated into the entire program and students will learn the Sunnah of the prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) starting with Ikhlas, good intention, saying bismillah, praising Allah and memorizing a list of Supplications each year. (Please refer to the YMOH Supplication book)


Islamic Morals & Etiquettes

Duas continued: Duas of the Azan, the Iqamah, (the call to prayer), making ablution (wudhu), of purifying dress, body and place, of going to the masjid, of performing Salah, and of going to bed shall be taught to the students. 


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