Grade One - Quran with Tajweed

Grade One students will learn to read Quranic text with the correct pronunciation of Tajweed (Makhaarij and sifaat), understand the meaning and application of isti'adhah and basmalah. 

Grade one students will also learn the following principles of reciting the Quran with correct articulation, prolongation, merging, conversion, distinctness, and pauses taken from the rules of Tajweed form Al Qaidah Nooraniya:

Lesson 1  Arabic letters with Maharaj
Lesson 2 connecting letters with different sounds/articulation
Lessons 4 – 6 vowelled letters and tanween (noon Saakin and Tanween)
Lessons 10 – 14  letters of qalqalah, idhaar.
tafkheem and tarqeeq, ikhfaa and shaddah (noon saakin and tanween) 
Sun and Moon letters


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