Grade Two - Arabic Studies

Second Grade students will continue to work with the Logati text books. The lessons will cover Arabic reading, writing, grammar and comprehension as a first language. Quiz taking and tests would also be applicable as in other subjects.

The first term consists of reading comprehensions on topics such as: My relative, My friends and neighbors, etc. and second term covers lessons on: I love my country, plants and manners of visiting. The prophet is my example and means of communication etc …

Reading: The students will read texts, then revise, analyze and observe the difference between long and short vowels, the different kinds of Tanween (تنوين), shaddah ( الشَّدَّة )and the difference between ي\ى and \ ـه \ ـة , all the kinds of Hamza ( همزة الوصل والقطع والاسم الممدود ) , read short poems and some verses from the Holy Quran related to the topics to make memorization easy.

Listening: Students will listen to some short stories and songs related to the topics in the book.

Speaking: The Logati books are richly illustrated with visuals that help students describe and communicate their thoughts and feelings. In the class students will do conversation using new words and expressions.

Writing: Students will learn to write sentences and small paragraphs.

Vocabulary: The lessons include a variety of vocabulary based on reading comprehension and discussions covering each chapter and the use phrases and expressions such as ليت \ إنَّ \ إلاَّ . etc…

Grammar: Students will learn Arabic tenses (past, present and imperative) and also how to write them in short form, demonstrative pronouns (dual and plural), difference between ( همزة الوصل والقطع ), colors/ feminine or masculine noun, synonyms, opposites and punctuation marks.

They will learn how to ask questions and answer questions using the appropriate vocabulary and Arabic expressions.



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