Grade Five – Islamic Studies

The students will learn a course comprising of six units - Aqeedah, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Sciences of the Quran, Character Education and Tajweed.

Aqeedah (Islamic theology): 
1. Means to Victory
2. Knowledge precedes action
3. The necessity of following Prophet and being distant from shirk
4. The impermissibility of friendship with those hostile to the commandments of Allah and his messenger.
5. The pure nature of human being.
6. The three principles.
7. The signs of Allah and His creations.
8. The Bestower of blessings deserves to be worshipped.
9. Types of devotion and the ruling regarding the one who performs it other than for the sake of Allah.

Fiqh - Islamic Jurisprudence 

1. Types of water
2. Wiping over leather socks
3. Tayammum (Dry Ablution)
4. Salah
5. Etiquette of going for prayer and waiting for it.
6. Description of Prayer 
7. Recommended acts in Prayer
8. Disliked acts in Prayer
9. Prostration of Forgetfulness

Hadeeth: Explanation of the following Hadeeth:

1. The sincerity of intention the basis of acceptability of actions
2. Pillars of Islam
3. Care for Mosques
4. Prohibition of Cursing Parents
5. Mannerisms in Islam
6. Etiquettes of using Toilet
7. Prohibition of Begging
8. Virtue of visiting the sick
9. Recommended acts before sleeping
10. Warning against anger

Islamic History:

Khulafa Ar Rashideen Continued from previous year.

Prophets mentioned in the Quran: 
Adam, Nuh (a.s), Sheth (a.s), Idris (a.s) and Hud (a.s)

Sahaba Series: In this series, students will learn about the Hadeeth Scholars: Abu Hurairah, Abu Dar, Mua’d ibn Jabal, Abdullah Ibn Abbas and Abdullah ibn Umr (may Allah be pleased with them all).

Sciences of the Quran Part 1 – (Ramadan Program)

Students will learn Uloom al Quran under the following headings. 
1. Introduction
a. Definition and benefits of Knowledge

b. History of Uloom al Quran

2. The Quran: meaning, definition, different names given to the Quran

3. Concept of Wahy/revelation

Character Education: Adab is integrated into the entire program. Students will learn about the Sunnah of the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and the characteristics of the Bearers of the Quran (book by Imam al-Ajooriyy al-Baghdadi) as given in the Quran itself within their Tajweed curriculum. They will start with the study of Ikhlas and good intention and carry on to saying Bismillah, praising Allah and memorizing a list of Supplications each year (Please refer to the YMOH Supplication book).


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